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Locations In New Britain, Hartford, New Haven! Come down and experience on of Connecticuts top rated Puerto Rican restaurants!

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A Unique Fusion of
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Come get to know one of Connecticut's top-rated Puerto Rican restaurants! We’re a quick-service restaurant like no other. Create your own mofongo, design you dream rice bowl, or dig into one of our delicious signature dishes!

Not Feeling Creative?

We've spent years finding out what works best together, that's why we have dozens of pre-made bowl options for you to choose from!

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Juan J.

Alcapurria bites are the best!

Jun S.

The Mofongo is absolutely delicious. Im from out of state and its something im going to eat a few more times before I leave. I loved it so much. The Pernil tasted very close to my grandmothers.

Jose H.

My wife& I love going to this place

Nick L.

What a meal! Great service, great food! Right in downtown New Britain!

Marcelino B.

What can you say that hasn't already been said. Place is great the people who there are great.

Partick H.

Excellent food, decent prices. You won't find a better place for Puerto Rican/Spanish Caribbean cuisine.

Maria R.

Friendly customer Service.. The food is delicious and the restaurant is always clean and well kept..

Casse M.

Sooooo flavorful Best spanish food around!

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Our corporate team always wants to hear your feedback about your visit. We are always looking for new ways to improve our customer experience to give you the best possible service when you visit us!

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